Building Financial Freedom’s Mission

I’m John and at this time I’m the sole writer here at Build Financial Freedom, so it’s only right that I tell you a little of what I’m about and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. 


Building Financial Freedom’s Mission


When I started Building Financial Freedom, it was meant to focus on saving money and being frugal to achieve financial success and fund a prosperous retirement. Since starting the blog and starting to dig into the content, I’ve decided to spend a significant amount of time talking about making money as well.


The reason I decided to start exploring the many ways to make money is simple. We can’t save what we don’t have and the only way to build wealth is through a combination of saving and earning over the course of our lives. The more money we earn through various sources, the more we can save for retirement with a minimal effect on our present lifestyle.


So, with that being said, don’t be surprised to find content here at Building Financial Freedom ranging from savings, retirement and wealth to making money, earning money online and learning new ways to maximize our earning potential.


If my vision is successful with Building Financial Freedom, you will click away from the blog feeling far more empowered to build wealth and achieve the financial goals you so desperately seek. Not only do I want to teach you, I want to inspire you to make a change today that will completely turn around your financial picture and give you the tools to get further on your paycheck and save the difference for those twilight years when relaxing should be our only priority.


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In the interest of simplicity, I’ll provide you with some of the best resources available at Building Financial Freedom. 



About John, the Voice Behind Building Financial Freedom.



John Green author Building Financial Freedom

This is a few years old, but it conveys my outgoing personality in a way that I feel suits this blogs mission.



As the only writer at Building Financial Freedom, I spend a lot of time researching and analyzing everything finance related I can find. Not only is saving and making money a passion of mine, it’s something I hope to make a passion of yours as well.


Considering the rate at which retirement savings have fallen in recent years, I feel like it’s a service needed by many and my passion for personal finance allows me to inspire others to follow me. I think of it as a gift and it’s like the teachers said in kindy garten, “Sharing is Caring”.


In my personal life, I’m a husband to a lovely woman and father to a beautiful little girl. I work a 9-5, sometimes much more. I spend a considerable amount of time blogging and working toward my financial goals, but at heart I’m a family guy and they come first no matter what.


I love connecting with people. Readers, fellow bloggers and friends on social media are all welcome to contact me and frankly I encourage it because I love to chat! For now, I’ll let you browse around. Don’t forget to sign up for updates and alerts from Building Financial Freedom!





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