What Type Of Business Works Best On Pinterest

My wife spends a pretty fair amount of time using the Pinterest mobile app on her Galaxy S5, often to my dismay. Why? Because every time she starts looking at Pins, my wallet takes a chance of losing some weight.


It’s almost natural for her to go on Pinterest and cook up some new idea that (of course) costs us a good chunk of change. If it’s not groceries for a recipe she found, it’s paint and supplies to give one of the rooms in our house a new look that she found on somebody’s Pinterest board.


You’re probably wondering what my wife’s social media habits have to do with your business. Let me tell you, they have A LOT to do with your business’ potential to cash in on the popularity of Pinterest right now.


Every time my wife gets on Pinterest I see dollar signs and you should too. Think about it-if even a fraction of the user base converts as well as my wife, there is big money to be made for the right kind of business.


What Type of Business’ Do Well On Pinterest?


No matter what type of business you own or operate, Pinterest has potential value. Some specific industries and niches do better than others though and there’s a good reason for it. It’s all about the user base.


An Estimated 85% Of Pinterest Users Are Female!


That’s a huge number of spendy females just waiting for you to sell them their next pair of shoes, designer purse or even camping supplies. If your business can please the ladies, there’s no limit to how much money you can make on Pinterest.


Here Are The Niches With The Best Shot At Making Money On Pinterest.


Wedding Supplies


Ecommerce has taken over the world of shopping at this point, so naturally women look to the internet when planning their dream wedding. This is when your business should be waiting on Pinterest with an optimized image depicting that beautiful wedding.


If the bride-to-be falls in love with your image on Pinterest, chances are much better she will convert into a buyer of something in that picture. It might be a wedding dress, it might be shoes. It could be a big diamond ring that she makes some poor guy fork over thousands for. It doesn’t matter as long as you are the one selling it to them.


Competition is big on Pinterest, so if you wanna try selling your wedding supplies, get started soon. Just like any other social network, your business has to build it’s presence and focus on branding before the money can be made.


Clothing And Accessories


This one is a no-brainer. How many women do you know that don’t like shopping for clothes? If you can offer them a visual reason why they should buy your clothing rather than the competitors, chances are good they will buy from your website, which is linked to your Pin.


A visual representation helps your company build trust with the target customer and increases the chance that they will buy from you.


Consider that most clothing retailers online just offer a bland image of the item you’re thinking about purchasing. If you can show consumers the beauty or uniqueness of your products in a photo, you already have an advantage over many of your competitors.


Holiday And Birthday Decorations And Supplies.


Think about it. You’re planning your daughter’s birthday party and she wants Disney Frozen as her theme. You hop on Pinterest, search “Disney Frozen” and are greeted with hundreds of different products and ideas. Can you go to a retail store and have it all put in front of you complete with pictures?


The key to any business’ success on Pinterest lies almost solely in the images. If you sell decorations and supplies, a good way to promote would be with a picture of your ornaments or banners actually being used in a house or at a birthday party. The better the visual, the better chance of turning a pinner into a buyer.


House Decorations And Remodeling Supplies.


I can’t tell you how many times my wife has tried to convince me to do some remodel that she fell in love with on Pinterest. Since I’m a frugal guy, we usually don’t end up going through with the remodel, but many people do.


If you sell home decor, hardware or other house supplies, you would be crazy not to tap into Pinterest for some sales.


Selling home decor on Pinterest works best when you can portray your decorations and supplies in action. Say you’re selling curtains. The best way to promote them would be to show the window complete with your beautifully designed curtains. Give the women a stunning visual and make them feel like they need your products, not just want them.


Crafts And Art Supplies.


Women love releasing their inner artistic abilities, especially in the form of crafts. Scrapbook supplies, knitting and general art supplies are all sizzling hot on Pinterest. If your business markets any of these products, you would be foolish to ignore the sales potential of Pinterest.


Create something beautiful, take a high quality optimized photo of your creation and link back to the website where you sell the products. Be sure to give it some value other than just the visual, for example create a post about saving money on craft supplies.


If there’s something in it for the pinner and you can show them what that is, you can end up with a long time customer.


Gardening Supplies and Outdoor Decorations


One of the most popular niches on Pinterest is gardening. Who doesn’t want the garden and white picket fence? Females are especially into gardening and outdoor decorations.


If you sell gardening supplies, decorations or outdoor yard decor, there’s likely a good market for your products on Pinterest.


Show your decorations and supplies on action. Set up a beautiful garden or yard display and show people why they would want your items. It’s all about the visuals on Pinterest, so use it to your advantage. Make your potential customers feel like their garden could look that good with your business’ products.


Are These The Only Niches That Convert On Pinterest?


Two words. Absolutely Not!


There are scores of niches populating Pinterest boards and many of them convert very well. According to this post, Pinterest converts at a 50% higher rate than its competitors overall.


Pinterest marketers sell everything from photos, decorations and supplies to cars, trucks and cell phones. The most important thing when trying to sell your products on Pinterest is obviously the Pin itself.


Beautiful Graphics + Useful Content = Rockin’ Conversion Rates!


It really is that simple, but at the same time it’s hard for some to grasp. If you want success, Pinterest should be one of your tools to get there. Who would wanna miss out on the sizzling popularity right now? Get your products ready, start designing some photos and Pin the heck out of them!



  1. Nice post!

    I knew Pinterest was dominated by Females but I had no idea the scale tipped that much.

    Remodeling is one area that I would create a board. The others would be just for strategic reasons but I personally don’t care for them so I most likely wouldn’t pin much to them.

    Based on your points I may just have to suck it up since I am focusing more on Pinterest Followers now of days.

    Thanks for this thought provoking post. Have a good weekend!

    • Thanks for reading Steven.

      It definitely is worth checking into. If you go on Pinterest and look around, it’s pretty clear that women dominate.

      It could definitely be a lucrative strategy if someone puts the time into creating great, pinnable content. Let me know if you try it! Talk to you soon Steven.

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