Creating Content CAN Make You Money.. If It’s Unique and Valuable to Readers.

Unique and Valuable Are Two Things Content Has To Be If It’s Gonna Make You Money. 


Creating content online and making big money from it has been explored and debated since the birth of the internet, and for good reason. It’s freakin’ hard and only a small fraction of a percent are able to create valuable, unique content that draws in readers and keeps them coming back for more.


It’s not like it can’t be done. Sites like,, Wikipedia and Huffington Post have all turned their respective content into huge streams of revenue by offering some of the best and most useful articles circulating the internet.


It’s not just big names like Wikipedia and the others mentioned here that are making money either.


StandOutBlogger, retireat21 and MommyDummy are just a few examples of the thousands of blogs you’ve never heard of that are earning their owners a full time income. What do these blogs and websites all have in common though?


By successfully building websites that offer users value in their niche, thousands of content creators have been able to earn seven figures or more each year through advertising, sales, affiliate marketing and more.


These top sites online make the most money because they put the work put into their respective content. If we focus on that part of the equation, instead of money, success becomes much easier to find.


We can’t create the next Facebook or Google overnight, but making a full time income from a blog or website is a realistic goal, assuming the content is always the focus of our efforts and we consistently offer value that’s just a click away.


It’s the exact opposite of what you heard, right? And you probably wanna know how you can follow the lead of these top earners and turn your blog into a valuable asset for readers that generates huge money in the process, right?

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