Can You Really Make Money Using Tsu?

One of the newest ways to make extra money comes in the form of a social media gig called Tsu that pays it’s users for posting and engaging with others on the network. It’s an interesting concept, but is Tsu an easy way to make money? Here’s the low down from what I’ve been able to find.


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How to Make Money On Tsu


When social media networks monetize, advertising is the fastest and easiest way to start making money. In the cases of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the money made from those ads goes straight to the companies bottom line.


Tsu says their model will be the complete opposite wherein they will pay 90% of that ad revenue to the owner of the content (you) and only keep 10% for themselves.


So, here’s how it works.


Make money posting and sharing on Tsu-


1). You post an infographic, picture or post on Tsu.

2). Your friends on Tsu share the post like they would on Facebook or Twitter.

3). Users end up viewing your post along with ads served by Tsu.

4). The revenue generated by the ads shown on your original content is split 90/10 in your favor.


Make money signing new members up to Tsu-


1). Tsu gives each user a unique sign up link to promote the network and earn commissions.

2). When a new user signs up with your referral link, you earn a percentage of their advertising revenue.


That’s a simplified model of how you make money on Tsu. Apparently you can also get paid for recruiting others to join Tsu and you make a small amount of money based on the number of followers you accumulate into your group.


According to the founder of Tsu, when a user signs up they are given a unique code (basically an affiliate link) they can use when recruiting other users to the site. Once that person signs up and starts posting, you will receive a cut of their ad revenue and also a tiny cut from anyone they bring to Tsu.


It’s similar to multi level marketing in this aspect. Users are recruiting new members to Tsu and in return they are building a downline that pays them regardless of whether their posts get shared or not. If a member you recruit becomes popular on Tsu, you will benefit from the ad revenue he/she brings in.


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Are You Going To Get Rich Posting on Tsu?


Although it’s too early to tell exactly how much money you can make posting content and recruiting on Tsu, it’s a fair bet that the average user isn’t going to get rich off of it. I guess the idea is if Tsu pays it’s users something, it’s better than the nothing they make posting and engaging on Facebook or Twitter.



Why Would Tsu Pay It’s Users a Whopping 90 Percent?


In the video, Zobczak explains why Tsu decided to pay it’s active users a whopping 90% of the money made off their content as opposed to much smaller amounts given by YouTube and other content sharing platforms.


The video also gives an average payout model based on the number of friends in a Tsu members network that looks like this.


2,000 Friends or Followers- Average earnings= $1,000 a year.

80 Million Friends (celebrities)- Average earnings= $2.8 Million a year.


Some people have asked me recently how to put ads on Tsu posts. You do not have to place advertisements on your posts. Tsu automatically serves ads and pays you a portion of the revenue generated from them. 


Tsu Also Offers Financial And Payment Services Along With The Option To Donate Your Funds


Another interesting revelation is made toward the end of the video. Not only is Tsu acting as a paid social network, they also have plans to offer financial services and an option to donate earnings to charity.


By financial services, I mean that Tsu allows users to send payments straight to merchants while collecting a three percent fee for doing so. So, basically they will let you pay for services and products with money out of your Tsu account in exchange for a percentage.


Instead of transferring your funds and then buying something with them, you can send the money from your Tsu account and skip the rest of the process.


So, Is Tsu An Opportunity Worth Pursuing?


For some avid social media users, it might be worth checking into Tsu to see if there’s an opportunity to make a few bucks on the side. I’m all about finding good side hustles, even if they only pay a small amount. All of those little pay checks eventually add up to larger sums of money.


Am I going to be signing up to Tsu?


At this point, I will not be trying my hand at making money on Tsu, no matter how many recruiters blast their link on my Twitter feed. No disrespect to those who are trying to get paid on Tsu, but in my opinion there are far better ways to make money from original content.


To make a decent coin on Tsu, it’s goin to take many hours of hard work and effort posting and recruiting. The long hours that I would spend working to make money on Tsu, could be much better spent working on Building Financial Freedom.


I’m not gonna speculate on whether or not Tsu is a scam at this point because the details are few and far between, but I have my doubts that it will turn into a huge wealth building strategy for the average user.


If you’re reading this because you have taken an interest in earning extra money on Tsu, I’m going to give you something to think about before you go ahead and sign up.


Why Starting a Blog Is Way Better Than Tsu.


Let’s start off with a scenario to put what I’m about to say into perspective.


So, let’s say you sign up to Tsu and start spending two or three hours a day building up your content and recruiting others into the network. A year goes by and your making a little extra pocket money from your posts on Tsu. Things are going great.


And then Tsu realizes that there’s no money to be made from a network that pays people to use its services. The owners decide the venture is a failure and plan on shutting down the social media site. See: MySpace if you don’t think social networks fade.


So, there you are having spent countless hours of your time building a following and posting awesome stuff on Tsu only to see your hard work threatened by a failed business model. All of that unique content sitting on Tsu’s servers and no way to monetize it if the site goes belly up.




It doesn’t have to be that way though. Instead of pouring thousands of hours into a social media network, you could have started a blog easily and built a following that could be monetized far more than Tsu would ever think about paying you.


Social media sites are in a way very similar to blogs. Users post content daily in hopes that people will share it, like it or re-post it in the same way that bloggers do. If you were to showcase your content producing skills on a blog that you own and control, the monetization possibilities are endless.


Easy to use advertising platforms like Google Adsense and affiliate programs like Commission Junction, Clickbank and ShareASale make it ridiculously easy to make money off a blog. Instead of slaving over a social media network and building a following there, you could be working on a blog and gaining a readership that you can monetize in any way you see fit.


Starting a blog is extremely easy these days. You can choose to start with a free blog hosting platform, but I recommend going with a self hosted WordPress blog through Dream Host because of the nearly unlimited options Dream Press gives you for customization.


What Do You Think?


It’s my opinion that starting your own blog and building out its content is a much better strategy to make money online than posting and interacting on Tsu. I’m curious what you guys think though.


Would you rather use an unproven social media platform to make money off your content or would you prefer starting a blog and using your own monetization strategies?