How One Man Literally Makes Money Grow On Trees

Maybe Money Does Grow On Trees


You’ve heard the expression, “money doesn’t grow on trees” at least a handful of times in your lifetime and each time, you probably envisioned a tree that literally sprouts crispy twenty dollar bills, ripe for the picking.


We all know that it’s impossible for a tree to actually grow money, but as The Guardian reports, one man in New England has developed a company that basically does just that, with only a few steps added in between sprout and harvest.


The company- Ship Foliage– came up with the genius idea of picking leaves from the trees that make up New England’s beautiful skyline in the early fall and shipping them to nature enthusiasts all over the country.


For his efforts thus far, Ship Foliage founder Kyle Waring’s latest entrepreneurial venture has generated 135 orders, for an estimated $2,700 in profit and that was before the media started to latch on and give the company some free publicity.


It’s very likely that the company has grown the number of orders for its preserved fall leaves by several times in the time since The Guardian posted it’s story.


So, with just a little bit of creativity and some will power, an ordinary New England resident was able to gain a fairly large income stream that takes very little to maintain and keep flowing. In fact, it’s just Kyle, his wife and a few of their friends that do the picking and inspecting of the foliage.


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It’s something that any one of us could easily do in our spare time and that’s what makes makes it hit home. He didn’t start a Fortune 500 company from scratch, but he put the pieces in place to build a successful company and ran with it.


Stories like this one, where an ordinary person are able to turn a hobby or just a creative idea into a way to make money are so powerful to people like us. Just reading about someone who had the courage to pursue a financial venture that was anything but a sure bet is enough to give me some serious inspiration and keep me on a path to financial freedom.


If there’s one goal you set for yourself over the next year, make it one like Ship Foliage’s founder set. Make it a priority to find just one way to bring in more money, and then once you do, set the same goal again and again until you reach the point of financial freedom.


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