Beginner’s Guide To Selling On Amazon

One of the easiest and most common ways to make money is selling something for a profit. It could be an item you got a good deal on, some old books you don’t read anymore or a couch you don’t sit on anymore. You can sell almost anything for a profit if you know where to find people that wanna buy what you’re selling. One of the most common places to find a buyer for your items is


You’re probably asking the same question I did at first- How do I start selling on Amazon? Before I get into the how I wanna touch on the why. Why would you wanna sell stuff on Amazon? What benefits does Amazon provide to sellers as opposed to other online marketplaces?


Why You Would Want to Sell On Amazon.


If you had something for sale and you wanted to get the best price possible for it, how would you advertise it? I would wanna put my item for sale wherever it would get the most attention from people looking to buy it. The most popular and heavily used ecommerce site is


As of the second quarter 2014, Amazon averages 162 million visitors each month, which is more than Apple and Wal Mart’s websites combined. As far as retail sites go, Amazon is still king and anyone looking to sell stuff online would benefit from getting familiar with how Amazon works.


If selling items on Amazon isn’t for you, maybe you would like to try selling on Facebook.


How To Start Selling on Amazon.


If you are looking to start an Amazon business, or just sell a few used items you have laying around, you will need to know how selling on Amazon works. It’s a little different than sites like eBay.


Here’s how to get started selling on Amazon, followed by some resources to help you make the most money possible selling your items.





1). First you need to sign into your Amazon.Com account and navigate to your account. There you will see a link to “Your seller account”.


2). Click on Your Seller Account and find where it says “Start Selling”. You will have the choice of signing up as an individual or a business. Click here to find out which you should choose.


3). Once you have chosen which type of seller account you need, fill out the relevant information required by Amazon such as your phone number and website URL.


After you have signed up for an account to sell on Amazon, you will need to create your first product listing. Here’s how to put your first item up for sale on Amazon.


How to List an Item On Amazon.


1). First you will need to sign into your account if you haven’t already.


2). Second you need to do a search on Amazon for the exact product you are selling. Be sure to choose the identical make and model of the item you wanna sell, so customers don’t wind up buying something they don’t want.


Unhappy customers are more than willing to trash your reputation on Amazon if they pay for something that isn’t what they wanted to buy. So be careful.


3). Once you find the exact item you want to sell, click on the button that says “Sell Yours” and provide the information needed such as condition of the item you’re selling.



4). After telling Amazon what condition your products are in, you will be able to provide more details with a condition note. You will also need to choose a price, shipping method and tell Amazon how many of the items you have for sale.


Quick Note: You can target your listings audience by choosing shipping zones, which limits your products to a certain set of countries that you choose.


Once you list an item, buyers will be able to find it when searching for the product on Amazon. It shouldn’t take too long to start making sales, given you set up your listing correctly and gave it a competitive price.


Once you get that sacred first order, you’re gonna need to know how to ship the product.


How to Ship Your Amazon Orders.


1). First you need to sign into your seller account and click on the tab that says “Orders”, followed by “Manage Orders”.


2). View your recent orders and make sure the status is complete and the order has been paid for.


3). Find the link that says “Print Packing Slip” and select it to print out a label with the buyers address.


4). Package the item in an appropriate box or envelope, with the packing slip attached and ship it using whichever method you prefer.


5). Once you have shipped the item to your buyer on Amazon, go back to the order page and confirm shipment, so the buyer knows their item is on the way. The quicker you ship, the better.


Some Tips For Selling on Amazon.


Now that you know how to sell on Amazon, you should know a few best practices to keep customers happy and keep your reviews high.


  • Offer competitive pricing that either matches the competition or ideally beats it. Even if it’s just by a little bit, shoppers like lower prices.
  • Follow the rules and treat every sale as a potential make or break for your business. Just one terrible review can send hundreds of buyers in another direction.
  • Only sell high quality items and focus on offering products that are popular and relevant.


If you are serious about starting an Amazon business, this book will be a lifesaver for you. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions and includes everything you need to be a successful Amazon seller. 



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