Why You Need To Invest.. In Yourself

You wanna know the most important wealth building tip that I’ve learned since starting my journey toward financial freedom? You probably think it’s something simple, like make more money or save more money, right? I mean, we talk about saving and making money from home alot here so it’s clearly important, isn’t it? You’re damn right it is, but it’s not the most important strategy I’ve learned.


Sure, saving money and raising our income is a pertinent aspect of wealth building, but there’s something behind the scenes that is more fundamental to meeting our financial goals. You don’t just wake up one day with skills you never had, right? It takes time and investments to build a solid repertoire of money making abilities we can apply to our work at home strategies.


It’s the one thing that can change your life in a heart beat and get you out of that 9-5 full time job you’re working. It’s a secret that I recently learned and I’d be crazy not to share it with my fellow financial independence seekers.


Investing In Yourself Through Time And Education


It sounds simple, right? You’re probably thinking “I do invest”, “I own X amount of stock” and “Y amount of real estate”. That’s awesome and I’m glad you have started to invest money into your future! Investments are the key to gaining passive income and steady streams of revenue long into the future.


I’m not talking about investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds though. I’m talking about investing time and money in YOURSELF! It’s great to watch your stocks grow and appreciate, but it’s far more important that we as individuals grow. If we want out of that crap desk job, we have to learn a skill that can take us out of that position and into one where we work from the comfort of our home.


It’s not like we can hop out of our chair at work, tell the boss we quit, then go home to work and start making more money than before. If all we know is what we learned at work, then chances are we are stuck there. And who wants to be stuck working for somebody else, watching their business grow as our wages stagnate?


If we ever plan on working from home, or not having to work at all, it’s about time we start putting the pieces in place for personal growth by investing in ourselves.


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Why Should You Start Investing In Yourself?


If you plan on getting started with a plan for financial freedom, you’re gonna need to know why you should start investing in yourself. It’s not the same as other forms of monetary investments though. This wealth building strategy is gonna take some hard work, time and even some money eventually.


The first way that I would insist you start investing in yourself is with new and higher education. Take your pick when it comes to what you learn more about, just make sure you start learning something new every day.


Learning something new can come in the form of Certification Courses, reading books, searching reputable sites on the internet or just learning something from a friend. The key isn’t how you pick up new skills and education, it’s making sure you take the time to do it.


Think about it like this. The company you work for probably sells products or services, right? Did the company just open one day with no knowledge in their specific field and start making money by the handful? NO! Someone behind the scenes invested a lot of time, effort and money learning the skills required to succeed in the consumer market.


We have to start applying this same methodology to our personal growth. Fortune 500 companies grow through investments and so do individuals. The best thing about personal growth though, is you don’t necessarily have to invest any money to start growing. Time and effort are far more vital to entrepreneurs and individuals just looking to escape the corporate world.


Now that you probably understand why you need to invest in your personal growth, I’d like to outline some examples of how to invest in yourself.


How To Start Investing In Your Personal Growth.



The first step you need to take in building your personal repertoire is education. I’ve mentioned it several times already because learning is really that important to your goal of accumulating wealth.


I learn something new every day just by reading books, publications and posts from reputable online sources. I don’t focus on a certain category too much either. Usually I find something interesting and useful, then I dig deeper to learn everything I can about it. In fact, researching random finance stuff is what brought me in front of your monitor or mobile device right now.


It’s important when you start expanding your knowledge to focus on skills and learning that can be useful to someone. How many companies or individuals do you know that make money without something to offer in return? It’s the basis behind the barter system we’ve been using for centuries. People will pay if you have what they want or need, so focus on learning things that will be useful to somebody.


The next step you need to take is investing time into your newly learned marketable skills. If you learn something, but never use it to make money, it’s just taking up space in our already crowded lives. It’s key that you start putting your education to work.


If you learned about monetizing a blog, but never end up starting one, is that a good return on your investment? If you learned how to start affiliate marketing, but didn’t try to sell anything was it productive?


We have to grasp the concept that time is money and wasting either of the two is a cardinal sin in wealth building. When you start to invest time into yourself, you will also want to put in the work to get a good return.


Do you think Apple designed the iPhone 6 just to pass time? Absolutely not. The Silicon Valley giant put in time, effort and money to invest in something that would make them serious money. On a personal level, we need to follow suit and start putting the pieces in place for a prosperous future.


Stop Putting Your Own Growth On The Back Burner.


I know it’s tough to invest in your personal growth whIle working full time and putting in so much effort to help your company grow. It’s probably the biggest reason people get stuck at their 9-5 and eventually retire with minimal, if any, benefits. Time isn’t endless and it can be hard to squeeze some in to learn new skills that set us apart from the millions.


It’s crucial that we make time though. Can’t we find an hour that would otherwise be wasted and instead spend it researching a new way to bring money in? Do you spend an hour a day watching TV or YouTube videos that could be spent growing your knowledge and skillset?


You are probably cursing me right now, saying something along the lines of “I’m busy working all day and now you want me to skip the hour of relaxation I get everyday?” That’s not what I’m saying at all though.


What I’m really saying is that by skipping out on some relax time you can start the foundation for much more time off in the future. Face it, as long as you’re working that 9-5, an hour of relaxation a day is all you can hope for. On the other hand, if you start making yourself independent from the job, you can enjoy far more of what life has to offer in the future.


Here’s A Challenge For You.


To complete this post, I want to challenge you to switch things up this week. Instead of watching Law & Order re-runs after work, I want you try finding a new skill to learn about that can eventually make you some money. It can be anything you choose as long as it’s something that can help boost your income in the future.


You can learn how to open a hot dog stand, how to sell ice skates, how to wash cars. It doesn’t make a bit of difference to me what you learn. It’s just important that you add something to your knowledge base that can increase your earning potential in the future.


A good place to start might be learning how to make passive income. I’ve detailed what it is and how you can start earning it here. Residual income is a massive wealth building strategy that can give you the motivation to start investing in yourself today. Just hearing the power of earning money while you sleep will get the blood flowing and make you wanna learn more.


What are you waiting for? 😉 I’ve given you some ideas to invest in yourself, now it’s time to find some that fit your style and time frame. I’ll be looking forward to your comments about the new skills you learned this week!


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