Real Surveys to Make Extra Money


Online Surveys For Money That Actually Pay Cash Are Hard to Find, But They Do Exist.


Paid online survey sites often try to entice people with promises of a reliable side income, but we all know that most of them are really just a way for marketers to get info about us without paying much of anything. So it goes without saying that when you find a site that offers real surveys for money, you should stick with it. In this post I’m gonna show you how to make money with surveys online.


I’m going to give you the tools and knowledge to start leveraging internet marketing research to earn some cash from home. This isn’t a “work from home” opportunity, but rather a nice supplement to your existing income and a way to add a few extra dollars to your budget with surveys for money that actually pay, no strings attached.



Where Can You Find Real Surveys For Money That Pay Cash, PayPal or Gift Cards?


On your pursuit of financial freedom, extra revenue sources are a must have, but they are often elusive. Many people find surveys for money to be a good way to make a few bucks at home, but it’s finding those real surveys that actually pay that is tough.


So, in my ongoing efforts to provide you with tools to make and save more money, we have found a paid survey site that you just have to check out. It’s called Global Test Market and in my honest opinion it’s the best survey site on the internet. features the highest paying online surveys for cash I’ve found on the internet. 


Global Test Market is a paid online survey site that skips the promises and immediately delivers real surveys that pay cash money. Its making money online in its simplest form and you should at the very least sign up and try a couple surveys for yourself. All you need to sign up at Global Test Market is a valid Email address and a first and last name. I’m gonna assume you have both of those!



Global Test Market Gives You The Opportunity to Make Extra Money, It’s Up to You to Take Advantage.


Unlike other sites I’ve given a try, Global Test Market has consistently flooded my inbox with surveys that match my demographics and pay quite well (average around $2 per 10-15 minute survey) to boot. I’ve easily been able to make $30-$50 (USD) per week with around a half hour to an hour of my time each day doing legitimate surveys for money to spend wherever I need.


While most paid online survey sites are extremely slow to pay-or never do at all- GTM has consistently added my paypal funds within 8-10 days of requesting them. Not too shabby for a basically effortless way to earn extra money online with minimal work involved, right? That’s what I said! Personally I have been using the site for months with great success.


Global Test Market is also a good survey site for teenagers. You can make an account and let them do the surveys. In fact, some surveys will specifically ask you to let your teenager answer the questions. Allowing your teen to earn money from surveys can help you teach them to budget their money and save.



Surveys For Money Are Easy and GTM Offers The Best and Highest Paying Surveys on the Internet.


Very few days go by where my inbox isn’t loaded with 5-15 surveys ranging from 5 minutes to a half hour. Forget getting surveys sent to you each week, GTM sends several every day. The average payout in points is the equivalent of ~ $2. If you could do three a day (about an hour) it’d be close to $45 a week.   In my case, my wife and I have been using the extra cash to purchase


Here are some other things we have used surveys to pay for.


  • Our daughter’s birthday presents.
  • School supplies.
  • Christmas presents.
  • Family dinners out.
  • We paid our cell phone bill with PayPal funds we got from


Market research is a valuable tool for companies developing products. Global Test Market acts as a middle man to provide real surveys online that pay cash.


For a List Of Other Surveys For Money, Check Out’s List


After you go ahead and sign up to Global Test Market, you will be sent an email verification link that needs to be opened before you can start making money. Once your email has been verified, there are a few “lifestyle surveys” to fill out before you can start doing the surveys that actually pay. These take ~5 minutes and are meant to match you with the most relevant surveys. 


After that, it’s all up to you to make the most of this great online money making tool. Paid online surveys have been around for a long time, but over the years many have become a wasteland for scams. Join Global Test Market and you’ll never worry again about not being paid for your opinions.


Unlike Inbox Dollars, SwagBucks and other paid survey opportunities, Global Test Market does not send you Emails unless a real survey is ready for you. No offers to sign up for. No “extra information” like your street address or phone number. It’s just plain Jane surveys that pay well and don’t take too much work to complete.


Most of the surveys at GTM are based around things like Automotive, consumer electronics, grocery stores and TV and movies. As long as you don’t mind answering a few questions about your favorite brands, this is the place you want to be.


Update– After posting this, I received another $45 payment and shared the proof with my readers.

You can see the proof for yourself here.


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