Proof That You Can Make Money Online Doing Surveys

Online Surveys Are One of My Favorite Ways to Make Extra Money 



A couple days ago I gave you an opportunity to make cash online with minimal effort through one of the best online paid survey sites available.

Hopefully I gave you enough of a reason to get started, but just in case– I’d like to show you proof of my latest $45 payment from Global Test Market.


This amount of “market points” (must have 1000 to Redeem) was around 6-7 days (about 5 hours of my time) in the making, and does it ever feel good when the PayPal funds hit my account.


If the 1000 point minimum for redemption sounds tough, it’s not. 1000 market points can be reached in the first week without too much effort. That’s assuming of course that you have completed the quick “profile surveys” so marketers can offer you relevant surveys.


Making a modest (but very helpful) amount from money surveys isn’t a pipe dream and I think I’ll show you that with the following screen shots of my payment email and the transfer to my PayPal account.


Without further ado, here is my most recent payment confirmation for doing quick online surveys while I wind down before bed each night. Hope this helps you in your quest for financial freedom.

An email like this one will appear in your inbox upon redeeming Market Points at Global Test Market…


As you can see from the image, I redeemed 1,035 Market Points which was equal to $45 in my PayPal account. In 7-10 days (almost every time) I will receive another email to Claim My PayPal Funds. That email looks like this…


And finally, after a short wait for the order to be processed–and a few clicks to claim your PayPal e-certificate–your account will show a deposit that looks like this one from my own account.
It’s seriously that easy. I’ve showed this site to all of my friends and family, with all of them having a good experience (so far). It’s a painless way to make your income go just a tad further.




A small tidbit I wanted to add quickly,

If you’re trying to teach your children good spending habits (we all should be!), Global Test Market offers some surveys for teenagers as well. Making your teen do some thinking to earn a bit of cash can be to your advantage now and theirs later in life having learned some earning skills.


If you’ve already discovered Global Test Market on your own, try Swag Bucks!


Another option similar to Global Test Market is called Swag Bucks. Instead of offering just surveys, Swag Bucks has several ways to make money, including a search engine that pays you to surf the internet.


If surveys aren’t for you–but you’d still like some good ways to make a little extra money–check out the Recent Post section in the sidebar, or use the following link to get tips, tricks, insights, ideas and much more on ways to make money, save money, and build the wealth you are so desperately trying to build.


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