Is Pure Romance For You Ladies?

My wife and I are mostly on the same page when it comes to making more money for the future. Her and I are both on the lookout at all times for new work from home opportunities and supplements to our existing income. It was this earning prowess that led my wife to a fairly new MLM company called Pure Romance.


Aiming to please the female market, Pure Romance markets sex toys to women looking to spice up their life in the bedroom. To sell their products, Pure Romance uses a direct sales approach and “teaches” it’s consultants to throw sex toy parties similar to the old Tupperware version.


It’s a bold approach to selling dildo’s, vibrators and creams, but it’s far from a new strategy. Companies like Fantasia Parties have been selling adult toys since 1984 with pretty good success.


This blog isn’t about sex toys though, it’s about earning more income and finding our way to a financially free lifestyle. You guys probably don’t care what Pure Romance is selling as much as you care if consultants can make money selling it, right?


I wanted to know if Pure Romance was a legitimate business opportunity or if it was just another scam to flood the market with a new product?


Can You Make Money With Pure Romance?


The first question I’ve programmed myself to ask with MLM’s is- are they a scam? I don’t care what the company is saying, I want to know if real people are making real money selling Pure Romance’s products. I want to know if the start up costs are worth it, or if the business will fizzle out and take my investment with it.


In the case of Pure Romance, I was lucky enough to have a “case study” to look at before my wife decided to sign up and start selling the sex toys being marketed.


My sister in-law had been selling Pure Romance for almost a year when she told my wife about the side income potential of the company. Naturally I wanted to see some proof and numbers to justify the $99 start up fee and $250 threshold to become active.


It wasn’t a problem, she said. She would gather up all of her invoices and other material to show us before signing up my wife under her. Yes, Pure Romance works on a down line structure where a consultant earns a percentage off the consultants she signs up to sell under her.


So, she brought over the proof and merchandise to show us what this business entailed and how she had made money selling Pure Romance. I won’t lie, I was a little shocked to see that she had made a respectable $7,000 in profit in just over eight months.

I had questions of course. I wanted to know how she made that much money with Pure Romance. What kind of hours are we talking about to make that seven grand? How exactly do Pure Romance products find their way to the end consumer?


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How Do I Sell Products By Pure Romance?


Does the consultant post fliers on every telephone pole outside the local bars? Do Pure Romance consultants sell online? I had a zillion questions that needed to be answered before I would agree with my wife selling sex toys with Pure Romance.


My sister in-law gave us the Pure Romance welcome packets and training, but she also took the time to answer all of these questions we had. This was when I learned that PR sold products mostly at adult parties organized and hosted by the consultant.


All my wife had to do was pay $99 to get the starter kit and then organize a party to get started. Having signed up under my sister in-law, my wife would go to her with questions and to get help setting up her first parties, etc.


Although I’m not a fan of MLM myself, I gave my wife the heads up and told her to go for it. After paying $99, she was officially a Pure Romance consultant. Now, she just had to sell enough product to make the $250 threshold within two months.


It was slow going at first. My wife had a little trouble getting used to the fact that she was selling bedroom toys. It took a couple weeks to get her first party organized and it wasn’t a gold mine by any means. She did manage to sell close to $150 in retail priced products though, just $100 short of the goal.


The next party she held brought her over the threshold and she even managed to profit $80 for two hours of hosting and a couple of planning. She now has a couple parties lined up and is eligible for the 40% commission offered to starting Pure Romance consultants.


Having just started working for Pure Romance, it’s still early to tell if the business will pay off and become a significant source of side income. Just like any venture, it is clearly going to take some time and effort to make money with Pure Romance.


If you’re interested in joining Pure Romance, here are some things you should know first.


1). Pure Romance charges a $99 starter fee for the lowest tiered package which pays a 40% commission to consultants.


2). In order to become active, consultants have to sell $250 in products before a set deadline.


3). If you are extremely shy about your sex life, Pure Romance probably isn’t a good fit. Consultants have to be able to bring an open atmosphere to the sexual parties if they want ladies to open up their wallets.


4). Pure Romance has a women only policy for its parties. It’s actually good because most women will be weary of opening up in front of members of the opposite sex.


5). Consultants get paid at the time of the party after taking out enough money to cover the discounted prices given to them.


6). You WILL have to claim Pure Romance profits on your tax returns.


7) You will need a place to hold Pure Romance parties, but in many cases the host will want the party at their house.


I found this post, which is a Q&A with an actual Pure Romance consultant. It might also help answer some of the questions you have.


Those are some answers to the most pertinent questions I had when my wife first started exploring the Pure Romance business. I hope they can help you decide if PR has potential to help you bring in more income streams.


Find a Pure Romance Consultant In Your Area


If you’re interested, check out my wife’s Pure Romance website and have a look around. It may help you decide if the products are something you can or want to sell on your own. If you live in Upstate, NY you can also contact her to get started or just to ask a question about Pure Romance.


If you don’t live in New York, this can help you find Pure Romance consultants in your area.