Get Paid To Search Google, Bing And Other Search Engines?

Think about how much you search the internet on a daily basis. If you’re like me, almost every question you have is answered with a query in Google, Bing or another search engine. It comes as second nature to pull up Google and start searching when I need an answer to a question or problem that has me stumped.


What if you could put all of those searches to work and start earning some side income when you’re just surfing the internet? It probably sounds too good to be true, right? If a job that easy existed, why wouldn’t everybody be searching the internet and getting paid for it?


If you’re skeptical that searching the internet can earn you money, you are far from being alone. When I first learned about this job, appropriately named a “Search Engine Evaluator”, I figured it was something similar to the paid search function that Swag Bucks offers its members where you get paid just to make your searches through them. In reality, search evaluation is another job entirely.

It only takes a moment to sign up and there are several ways to earn cash, including simply searching Google!


Before I tell you what a search engine evaluator does, I’d like to give you a little background on how the popular search engines deliver results to the user actually doing the search.



Figuring out what users want to find when they enter a query into a search engine has become the lifelong mission of companies like Google, Bing and Ask. If search engines want us to use their service instead of the competitors, they have to be consistent in giving us content that answers our questions or offers the knowledge and literature to answer those questions.


Think about it like this.. You are trying to figure out a side job that won’t take a lot of time, but pays well enough to be worthy of your precious time. Instead of staring at the wall and hoping some ideas pop into your head, chances are you could Google “Side jobs that pay well” and be given hundreds of ideas in the short time it takes for the page to load.


Now, imagine that you typed in that same query and instead of the search engine giving you ideas to make money, it sent you to a page of websites that were unrelated or very poor quality. Would you jump at the idea of searching for that question again?


Most of the work search engines do to optimize results comes by way of algorithms, or complex calculations that aim to enhance the user experience. No matter how much software Google writes though, the human element (in the form of a search evaluator) is still a valuable tool in weeding out the bad information from the good. With that, I’ll get into what exactly a search engine evaluator does.


What Is a Search Engine Evaluator?


If algorithms are the tool, then search engine evaluators are the carpenter. No matter how well a computer designs something such as an algorithm, it’s ultimately going to be a human using it. This is why it’s essential to Google, Bing and others that a human actually evaluates and scores the results it’s algo bots are delivering.


A search engine evaluators job is to give a score or grade to the results delivered for specific queries. No matter how advanced the technology gets, its not likely to ever be perfect at decrypting the human language. This is even more pertinent with the rising use of long tail keywords and phrases as search queries.


So, the job of the evaluator is to pour through thousands of search results, looking for things like usefulness, usability and spam. Basically a search evaluator is the editor to the search’s algorithm. Finding the most comprehensive, useful content is a constant battle for search engines, so it’s essential that they employ an actual human being for the purpose of ranking better content ahead of fluff.


If you’re looking for a less complex way to make extra money online, check out this post on my favorite paid surveys.


How Much Does A Search Evaluator Make?


While there’s no definitive answer to how much a search evaluator makes, it appears most companies pay between $12-$15 per hour. It could also be less or more depending on the individuals skill set and qualifications.


It should also be noted that evaluating search results isn’t usually a full time job. Most companies hiring for search evaluators warn that projects can be inconsistent and you’re not guaranteed to work every week, or even every month.


What Are The Requirements Of a Search Engine Evaluator?


Although most people won’t need training to become a search evaluator, companies do specify certain requirements in many cases. Each individual company will have their own requirements, but some of the common ones include..


  • Evaluators usually need to be bilingual, or at least it’s preferred in most cases.
  • A computer with a High Speed Internet connection and up to date software.
  • Basic technical and internet analysis skills.


How Can I Become A Search Evaluator?


You now know what a search evaluator is, how much you can expect to earn, and the basic requirements to get started. All you need to know now is how to get started as a search engine evaluator.


Instead of giving you a list of companies that hire search evaluators, I’ll point you in the direction of a good post i found that outlines the most popular search engine evaluator jobs on the internet. If you’re looking to try your luck as a search evaluator, that will help you find a company to work with.


Is Evaluating Search Results Worth The Time?


If there’s a potential to make money, any job is at least worth a try. If you’re a stay at home mom, dad or just looking for a way to help make ends meet, becoming a search evaluator might be a good fit.


I won’t tell you that examining search results will make you rich, but I can think of worse ways to make $12 or $13 an hour. As long as you have the extra time and some computer literacy, you can try your hand at this way to make money at home.


Remember, it’s not about how you make money and build wealth, it’s about taking the steps to do so. An earlier post on personal growth might help you see the big picture if you don’t already.