How To Sell on Facebook Garage Sale Marketplace

Selling items on Facebook garage sale groups has become popular in many areas.


Over the last couple years I witnessed the evolution of Facebook Garage Sale Sites as it went from being an unknown group run by strangers to a reliable and popular place to buy and sell anything from clothing to electronics and cars. You’re probably here to learn how to sell on Facebook marketplace, right? So, here it goes.


When I get on Facebook these days it’s usually for one of two things.

  1. Get on Facebook to check out the deals on the Garage Sale group for my town.
  2. Check my Facebook Page and update it as necessary.


Rarely do I get on Facebook for the purpose of connecting with my friends because it’s mostly drama anyways. I frequently get on to buy and sell items on the Facebook marketplace though.


Here are some of the benefits of Facebook’s marketplace that you will definitely want to check out.


  • Items bought and sold on Facebook’s Garage Sale marketplace are locally owned and sold by other members of the community that can be held accountable.
  • Most sellers and buyers are willing to work out deals and even make arrangements to meet up so you don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • Before you buy an item on Facebook’s marketplace, you can see the item work properly.
  • When selling, we have the option of holding out for the best possible offer, without a time limit like Ebay’s auctions.
  • Facebook’s yard sale groups are set up similar to your news feed, which means active Posts are bumped to the top.
  • If a friend on your Facebook account sees something you might like, they can tag you in a comment. This leads to easier, faster sales because other members of the group promote your items.


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Those are some benefits of buying and selling on Facebook marketplaces. Now, here’s how to get started selling on Facebook.



  1. Sign into your Facebook account and locate the Search bar up top that says “Search people, places and things”.
  2. Type in keywords such as Miami (Your location) Online garage sales, auto sales, electronics, furniture, marketplace, etc.
  3. Once you find a group based in your area, click “Join Group”.
  4. Wait for the administrator of the group to approve your request.
  5. Read any pinned posts on the group, which will have the rules of the particular marketplace. Side note: Some of the admins get very serious about running a FB Group, so don’t play games. You WILL get banned.
  6. Start browsing and use the “Post to Example group” option to upload your own items.


Here are some screen shots to give you an idea where to start on Facebook’s Garage sales and other marketplaces.


In the picture above, you would get started by typing keywords such as “Miami online sales” , “California Marketplace” or “Detroit Auto Sales” and choosing a group that looks appealing to you.



As you can see above, members on Facebook use these groups to buy, sell and trade everything from cars to clothes. If you look to the right, Facebook has also given you a list of suggested groups based on the keywords and your location. Go ahead, join a few and browse around.


As you can see, at the top of the garage sale groups time line there is an option to post. It’s treated no differently than posting a status update on Facebook. Just give a good description, upload a few pictures and state the price you would like to receive for the item. Most group owners will request that you post a location as well to prevent people from making offers on items too far away to pick up. It usually isn’t an issue because the groups focus on one region or city.

That’s it, it’s that easy to start buying and selling in the Facebook marketplace. It’s a popular alternative to Craigslist and I believe Facebook online sales has the potential to get even bigger. The fact that people can be more easily held accountable is a huge perk in itself because we no longer have to worry about getting ripped off or spammed to death on Craigslist.


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With personal Facebook profiles in play, the marketplaces that exist are less likely to be filled with spam, fakes ads and the like. If a member spams the board or posts too frequently in most Facebook marketplaces, the owner or administrator will remove their posts. It brings a higher level of human activity than on Craigslist or other popular classified sites.


Now that you know how to sell on Facebook, there’s nothing stopping you from making the extra money!



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