Swag Bucks: What Is It and How Do I Sign Up?

Swag Bucks Is Not a Scam Like That Site Saying You Can Make Thousands Online


When someone says they know of a way to make money online, most people quickly dismiss them as a scammer just looking to get ahold of your contact information so they can sell it to the highest bidding marketer.


It’s pretty clear why this is the case. We need to look no further than the comments section of our favorite Facebook page or news website to see that there is always at least one person trying to push some way to make thousands sitting at home clicking the mouse on a computer.


Swag Bucks isn’t one of those scams being plastered all over Twitter. It’s a legit platform that thousands of people are earning money with every day.


SwagBucks differs from the type of scam above in that it never claims you will make $5,000 a week in the comfort of your home, working in your pajamas. Instead, Swag Bucks offers its users a way to make decent amounts of extra cash simply by doing the things they already do while on the internet.


Swag Bucks Pays For Things You Already Do!


One example, and probably the best thing about Swag Bucks, is that it let’s you install a search bar and pays small amounts every time you use it to search the web.


The only real difference when you search with Swag Bucks instead of Google is advertising. Instead of seeing the ads Google displays, you will see advertisements from partners of SwagBucks.


Another example of something you probably already do online that Swag Bucks will pay you to do is shop. They do this by paying users in swag bucks- which are essentially a penny each- based on the amount of your purchase. For example, they might pay five Swag Bucks (cents) for each dollar you spend at one of their partners.


Swag Bucks Is partnered with Amazon, so you can shop at the internets largest retailer and earn three swag bucks, or three percent, for every dollar you spend! How’s that for an east way to make money online?


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Swag Bucks Pays For Things You Don’t Normally Do Too!


Swag Bucks users can generally do pretty well just by using the paid search function and shopping at their favorite stores, but for those that wanna put in a little extra effort, there are a few more ways to bring in the swag bucks.


1). Surveys


Some people are turned off by surveys because they are often linked with marketing scams, but Swag Bucks Is 100% legit and they have an A+ rating with the scam exposing Better Business Bureau.


Freebie- Here’s another site, specifically based around marketing surveys, that pays really well. Maybe even better than SwagBucks, but it’s very close. The proof is in the post, check it out!


2). Playing Games.


This one is admittedly hard to earn real money, but playing games can net you small amounts of SB, and if you were gonna play anyways, you might as well collect a little extra change doing so.


Some of the games include Swag Jump, Swagasaurus Run and Swag Memory. Clearly, these aren’t popular games like Mine Craft or Candy Crush, but if you can get a little entertainment and earn some SwagBucks at the same time, it’s a win-win.


3). Watching Videos.


Seriously. Swag Bucks will pay you up to $1.50 in Swag Bucks each day to watch videos that they offer. Some of them might be a drag, but if you just play them during normally idle time, it’s definitely productive.


If you really wanna ramp up your earnings with SwagBucks TV (SBTV), check out this method of making the most money with SBTV.


How to Sign Up for Swag Bucks and get started.

1). First, you’ll have to head over to swagbucks.com and sign up for an account.


2). As you can see, this is where you will enter in your email address and create a password.


3). Almost immediately, you will receive an email from Swag Bucks to confirm your account. This step is important! Without confirming your account at Swag Bucks, you will not be able to cash out and make that money! 


4). Go ahead and look around. The layout is simple and easy to understand, so you won’t have any trouble figuring out how to start making money with Swag Bucks.


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