Do You Take Photos For Fun? Try Turning Your Hobby Into Income

I constantly search for new ways to make money. Sometimes I write about ways to make more at work. Other times I dive into side business ideas and work from home ventures. Some of these methods I actually use, and others I share because I think you guys can benefit from learning about them.


Selling photos online falls into the latter category, simply because I don’t have the time or equipment to take quality, marketable pictures worth selling to others. Just because I don’t make money selling my images, photos, or works of art doesn’t mean that none of you guys would be interested in it or benefit from making money off your photos.


When I started doing my research on places to sell photos online, the first question I asked myself was if I wanted to sell pictures, where would I go to find people interested in buying them? So, that’s the keyword I decided to start my search with.


If I had photos worth buying, I would need a place to advertise my pictures so people could find them. If nobody can find your photo for sale, how can they decide if it’s worth paying for? They won’t even know it exists, therefore they can’t buy it for use on their blogs, websites and social media profiles.

Best Place To Sell Photos/Images Online


These are the best places to sell your photos online, according to experienced photographers and digital marketers.




One of the biggest and most popular online image marketplaces is Shutterstock. If you have a blog, odds are you have heard of them at some point in your search for blog pictures. If you don’t have a blog, but would like to start selling your pictures, Shutterstock is a service you definitely want to start utilizing.


What Shutterstock excels at is offering high quality images for blog posts, so if you can take quality photos, this service is a powerful monetizing tool. To start contributing to Shutterstock, sign up with your name, email and a display name.


From what i hear, Shutterstock can be picky about submissions. If you need help getting accepted to contribute to the network, check out these ten tips that can help you.


iStock Photos


Another great way to sell your photos online is by contributing to iStock Photo’s and earning a 15% royalty on every image that is downloaded. The service pays even more (45%) to its exclusive contributors.


If you take pictures even for fun, selling on iStock Photo might be worth a try. We’re trying to find sources of passive income and this could wind up being a good if you pursue it and enjoy taking pictures anyways.




Paying it’s contributors 60% royalties on downloads and allowing them to sell photos on multiple sites, Alamy is one of the best places to make money off your photos. The network also has one of the largest collections of images in the world.


Alamy also offers a mobile app called Stockimo that allows users to upload pictures from their smartphone and sell them on the Alamy network. Sounds like a fairly easy way to turn a photo hobby into a decent stream of passive income to me.


One of my personal favorite stock image services is Not only does it offer great pictures for blog posts, the service pays the creators of those pictures a 70% royalty on all licensed downloads. It’s pretty easy to sign up for, so at the least you should explore the possibility of putting your photos on the site as a way to earn some extra money.




If you already have some experience selling photography, Shutterfly might be a good option to host your photos for sale. Instead of selling the images for you, this service gives you the tools and space to sell them yourself. It costs $99 to start, so it won’t be for those of you just getting started selling your pictures online.


Shutterfly is aimed more at photographers looking to turn their photography into a full time or significant side income. That might be you, and if it is, great! If selling photos is just a hobby you wanna try monetizing, iStock Photo or Alamy are probably better options.


Now that you know where to sell your stock photos online, it’s important that you learn some of the best practices to actually utilize these services. It’s not as easy as just uploading the contents of your image folder and putting them up for sale on the internet.


Sell Your Own Photos On a WordPress Blog


If you have a WordPress blog, there is a fairly new way to make money off your photos using one of several plugins developed to make selling images and media easier. If your blog has a relatively large following, or you expect it will, this route might be better because you can manage the sale of your photos all by yourself.


If you think selling photos with WordPress might be worth considering, check out this guide that lists the best plugins and themes for selling pictures on WP.

How To Start Selling Your Photos Online


A post I came across during my research for this post is a good place for beginners to start learning how to make money off photos online.


If you’re going to make money selling photos, diversification is key. You need to reach audiences willing to buy your pictures and artwork. It also helps to have different places to experiment with your photos and figure out what works on each individual photography distribution site.


Selling Photography Online Can Be a Small Passive Income


You never know, even if photography isn’t your strong suit, this might be an income strategy worth checking out. Odds are you won’t get rich unless you have serious talent, but every bit of money helps when you are trying to build a foundation for financial freedom.


It’s not about striking gold, it’s about finding little pieces of it scattered throughout every aspect of our lives. The more we focus on new ways to make money, the easier it becomes to start generating income from dozens of sources. If you make just five dollars a month, it’s five dollars you didn’t have before and five dollars you will have for the future.


Imagine when all of those streams of $5 bills start flowing in from every direction, making their way to our investing accounts and ultimately earning compound interest. You know what happens to the human body when more food goes in?




Wealth is just the same. The more money you put in, the faster and larger it grows.