Working From Home Won’t Be An Overnight Accomplishment

Too often I see ranting and useless posts scattered on various work from home sites that try to convince readers that they can start earning money online with little to no time or money invested. Every time I read things like “Make Money From Home Today” or “Quit Your Job And Start Working At Home”, it makes me just a little more annoyed.


Making Money At Home Is Hard Work


How many legitimate ways to earn income can you think of that require no time or monetary investment and start paying off immediately? If it were that easy to quit our jobs and start cashing in big money at home, everyone would do it and the landscape would look much different than it really does.


In most cases, the “articles” that claim to know the secret to making bundles of cash at home are really just getting you pumped up to click on some affiliate link that they make money from. In essence they are telling you something we all wanna hear, that making money is easy, just so they can get a sale and make a few bucks.


This strategy works alot of times too, but is it beneficial to the individual looking for a way out of their 9-5 job and into the world of work at home? If you’ve been sold one of these self proclaimed “methods to make money at home”, odds are you’re well aware of the misleading nature that these products thrive on.


Don’t Expect To Get Rich Quick


Does it even sound feasible that you can abandon your full time job today and start pulling in cash while sitting in your pajamas at the computer desk? Sure, there are several ways to make money at home that can become great side incomes, but do you know of any full time jobs online that require no time or investment to get started?


If you can think of any good ways to hop on the computer today and start making $40 thousand a year, it’s because they don’t really exist. Most people aren’t quitting their jobs, getting on the computer and replacing their full time income in a span of days, weeks or even months. It’s only after a significant amount of time and education that you can really start to harness the earning potential of the internet.


Think about it for a second. If I told you that I had a way you could make more money than you do at work, just sitting on the computer a few hours a day, you would wanna know how, wouldn’t you? Heck, you would probably even pull out your credit card to make a “one time investment”, right?


It’s this mentality that makes it easy for the less than reputable characters online to take your money and leave you with yet another reason to think working online is impossible. It’s important that we stop allowing these people to influence our thoughts and hard work. We need to start putting the pieces in place on our own and nursing this work from home puppy into a full grown, self sustaining monster.


Start Spending Time Building A Foundation.


Instead of searching the internet for ways to quit your job and make money online, start investing in things that can actually make it possible one day. Go ahead and start a blog, even if you only want to add content here and there. Take one of the hundreds of free courses online (CopyBlogger) that really will teach you to be successful. Open up a book and actually learn something of value to your financial freedom pursuit.


The key here is to start learning and investing time long before you actually make the leap and start an online business or side business. We can’t expect to start a blog or become an internet marketer today and get rich tomorrow. It’s these misguided expectations that lead to high failure rates and crushed dreams.


If you have a serious desire to become self reliant in your earning power, it will take months and years of hard work, frustration and frequent failures. It won’t be as simple as powering on the modem, opening the browser and collecting a hefty pay check. It won’t come fast it won’t be painless. There will be no check arriving the week after you get started and you won’t be able to pay the bills with your online earnings right away.


Vacations on the beach, with laptop in hand won’t become a reality in the beginning. In fact, you will probably find yourself with little to no time for leisure in the weeks and months after you decide to start a work from home plan. It’s going to be hard, and at times you will want to throw it all away because it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.


I can’t remember where (I’ll find it), but somewhere I read a post the other day that said..


“Entrepreneurs Will Work 80 Hours A Week So They Don’t Have To Work 40”


That line right there hit me like a ton of bricks because it was painstakingly accurate. I work 80 or more hours a week between my full time job and the work I’m doing to eventually get out of that job. It won’t always be 80 hour work weeks though. With the right investment of time and learning, this work at home dream I have will be a reality and only then will I start to relax just a little bit.


Are you getting the message I hope to portray with this? Working at home or online in general is not a way to get rich overnight. You won’t put up a website today and make money off it tomorrow. It’s just like any other business. Working at home has to start with a foundation of time and knowledge and then be built into a high earning masterpiece.


The next time you read a headline that says “Start Earning a Full Time Income Online Today” or “Pay a Small Fee And Start Working At Home”, disregard it as someone else’s attempt at making money on the internet. If you’re serious about starting a home business, it has to start being about you.


Investing Money Is Okay If The Return Is Worthy


There will be times when you do have to make monetary investments in your pursuit of financial independence, but they should be made in real assets that will help you over the long term. Starting a self hosted WordPress blog for example is an extremely worthy investment because it adds significant value to the big picture.


Before buying into something you find online, ask yourself if you could get the same (or better) product or service for free elsewhere. In most cases, a simple Google Search will reveal better education that is completely free. If we’re gonna work at home, it has to be treated like a business. Which is better for the bottom line, an investment in something you can get for free or an investment of time and effort that produces value for the long haul?


If you plan on turning the internet into a real income stream, it’s vital that you start working for it today. Your success won’t be measurable in the short term, but time and patience will work in your favor to produce a viable source of income. It’s up to you whether you have what it takes to be successful online. There isn’t a course in the world that can teach patience or persistence.


If you plan on making a go of this, you better learn those two traits somehow.



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